Arvid Kristoffersen, born in 1929, left Kragero, Telemark, Norway, in 1952 and moved to Montana, USA. At an early age, Arvid (Chris) had already established a reputation in Norway for his wood carvings, fairy-tale illustrations, and Norwegian cultural history. Chris volunteered for the U.S. Army, serving in the Korean War. Upon his return from the war, Chris continued his life-long creations showcasing his many talents. His love for his homeland took root and blossomed through his artwork for which he has become internationally recognized.

A few of Arvid Kristoffersen’s accomplishments include:

*90-foot mural, rosemaling panels, with 22 carved wooden trolls in Fargo, North Dakota’s Sons of Norway Kringen Lodge. A comedy movie filmed in 2019 features this “Troll Lounge”

*Restoration of Montana’s Kalipell Historic Conrad Mansion and Havre Hill County Courthouse

*In 2010, Voted #2 Fairy Tale Artist from Norway (#1 was Theodor Kittelsen, who died in 1914)

*Public Broadcasting System (PBS) “Northwest Profiles” televised special

*In 2019, the Royal Norwegian Embassy bestowed a solid gold medal to Kristoffersen for his bravery as a youth helping Russian prisoners of war and his fellow Norwegians during the Nazi occupation of Norway. Arvid was bayonetted in the leg while stealing food for those in need.

*St. Olav’s Silver Medal for outstanding services rendered in connection with the spreading of information about Norway abroad and for strengthening the bonds between expatriate Norwegians and their home country.

*Happy Trolls carry on Kristoffersen’s nostalgia and bring happiness and laughter wherever they go.

Trolls make the News

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